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The fruit must have been good.  Or maybe it wasn’t.  Or maybe it started to rot and I threw it in my compost bucket. But it had a life of its own, much like James’ Giant Peach.

Whatever it was in that bucket got tossed to the back of the compost pile…a place hard to get to…and the pit germinated and began to grow into a tree.  Judging from the trunk of the sapling, it grew for a couple of years before I noticed “something unwelcome” in my compost pile.  With the cruelness of Aunt Sponge or maybe it was Spiker, I crawled in and lopped off the offending upstart.


While I was busy with life, the stub grew side shoots, six new branches growing up from the compost. One morning, my husband came in and asked, “Do you know we have a fruit tree growing in the front compost pile?”


There it was, heavy with fruit. We awaited a gift we couldn’t identify…until still green, ten fruits passed the size of any apricot and grew into a bounty of peaches.